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Bird’s Eye View

July 17, 2005

I happen to catch this little drama in my backyard yesterday.

[peaceful birds]

[red squirrel and birds]


let the art touch you

July 16, 2005

If you live in the Boston area (or are just visiting), get thee down to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA for two absolutely wonderful exhibits.

Trashformations East — the art of recycling highlights the use of found objects to create some amazing pieces of art in a variety of media from fabrics and plastics to woods and metals. A few of my favorites include the colorful fish made from creatively cut pieces of plastic containers; some very large butterflies with wing patterns constructed from old wooden piano keys; a fantastic seated, full-sized woman made from a collection of high-gloss metals and pieces of wood; a large duck made of welded stainless steel scrap; and some fanciful and highly refined pieces of furniture.

The Fuller’s description of this exhibit ( here) doesn’t do justice the level of art and craft achieved in many of the pieces on display. Don’t be put off.

This installation has been held over until August 28th–do check it out if you can.

Built Books — books in metal, clay, wood and fiber is a new exhibit that will be at the Fuller until October 10th. For me, it was a bonus as I had really visited the museum for the Trashformations exhibit. My absolute favorite “books” were several pieces from Molly Van Nice’s series Notings of the Journeyman, a set of artist paintboxes used as specimen display cases that are artfully filled with a wonderful array of items that she’s collected since childhood. My simple description does not do justice to these pieces–I found them captivating.

Photography is not allowed in the galleries, else I would entice you with some shots…

Weekend Sailing

July 8, 2005

Over the holiday weekend my wife and I went sailing with our friends Jamie and Lori from Salem Harbor to Provincetown and back. I took these shots on the evening of the 4th as we approached our return to Salem Harbor.

[sunset sail]
[salem sunset]

As we approached the coast north of Boston we could see fireworks, both private and official, up and down the shore. As we moored the boat, we had front-row seats to the Marblehead, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Salem fireworks displays. Tough to say who scored highest marks as all were amazing. Salem perhaps had a slight edge since they were closest and because they did a rather nice encore after an already impressive finale. Sorry no photos–a floating boat isn’t a great platform for long-exposure photography.

George Bryant

July 8, 2005

[george bryant]

Meet George Bryant. George runs a bulletin board in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the very tip of Cape Cod. He posts interesting items he finds as well as items sent to him by friends and acquaintances who enjoy his postings.

George isn’t a blogger. His bulletin board is on Commercial Street (right next to the Angel Food market) and he posts to his board with a stapler. He’s been posting for about three years now. [george posting]

What caught my eye as I passed was a set of letters written by Calamity Jane to her daughter, letters in her journal that her daughter only saw after her death. Fascinating reading, especially for an avid watcher of Deadwood, probably the best show on television.

As I spoke with George, it became apparent that he is as interesting as the material on his bulletin board. He had some funny stories to tell about the matriarch of a prominent Massachusetts family that is well-known in my town. At about the time I found out he’d been in the shipwreck of a wooden sloop two years ago on the Maine coast, an acquaintance of his stopped by and I moved on to catch up with the rest of my party.

Next time you are in Ptown, do check out George’s board and if George is around I’m sure he’d be up for a chat.