Mac Book Pro, Part the Third

I took my Mac Book Pro to one of the local Apple Stores in the Boston area and they’ve shipped it back to California for repair. I hope to have it back in time for an upcoming business trip on Friday.

The problem is that the system has started waking inappropriately after the lid has been closed, usually while I’m either putting it into my Booq Vyper M2 laptop sleeve (highly recommended, by the way) or taking it out. According to the local genius, the latching mechanism is faulty and needs to be replaced. He thinks that the left side of the latching mechanism is disengaging when I pick up the unit (I hold it by the right edge) and this is causing the unit to wake. I can also cause the system to wake up by pressing down on the right side of the closed lid.

It’s interesting to me to see just how much I miss having the laptop. Sitting down at my wired PC at home just isn’t cutting it as an acceptable computing experience.


One Response to “Mac Book Pro, Part the Third”

  1. Dale Sears Says:


    Now, wouldn’t it be great if the foundation OS for Mac OS X was Solaris 10? That would make it both the best desktop AND the best server at the same time.

    A guy can dream, right?

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