Bangalore Arrival

I arrived early Sunday morning in Bangalore, India where Sun is holding its first Global Technology Leadership Conference. More on the conference in subsequent entries. For now, a short travel report and some photos.

I flew British Airways from Boston to London to Bangalore. My first flights with BA and the flights themselves were okay except that the Boston leg left two hours late, and we sat in the plane in London for 2.5 hours before departing. And the jetway was broken at Heathrow so everyone had lots of stairs to climb with carry-on bags. On the positive side, my arriving and departing flights used the same terminal and the gates were close together as well. From what I’ve heard from other travellers was very good news indeed.

I tend to read when flying rather than watch the onboard entertainment so my video screen displayed our position, speed and altitude throughout the flight. It was eerie being suspended in a dark and peaceful aircraft cabin 35000 feet above Eastern Europe, then Turkey, then Iraq, then Iran, then Mumbai. So many troubled and troubling places. Visually, Tehran was surprising — such a huge sprawl of lighted terrain through my window.

Sunrise through the clouds just before landing in Bangalore


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