Bloody Awful

British Airways is zero for three with me now. Every one of the three flights I’ve taken has arrived at least two hours late. The stilton hit the fan yesterday when we arrived over two hours late to Heathrow from Mumbai and I missed my connection to Boston.

After having been told by the onboard attendants that everything would be sorted out for me in advance of landing, and that the gate agent would help me, imagine my surprise when they instead directed me to a line at the BA desk for rerouting. It took over an hour and a half to have my flight rebooked and be given hotel and meal vouchers. Numerous appeals to the BA staff to find some additional staff for the desk were not sympathetically received. At one point, the line stalled for over 30 minutes while the few agents assisted customers with apparently difficult situations.

After that, it was then another hour to find my way from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 to the hotel bus to the Renaissance Heathrow. Thumbs up on the Renaissance, by the way.

I’m now back at the airport with three hours to wait before my flight home. It’s been smooth so far. But the day is young yet.

British Airways. Bloody Awful.

UPDATE: The day was indeed young and I was optimistic. My last BA leg arrived in Boston over two hours late as well. And that ends my short and unhappy relationship with British Airways. Four strikes and you’re out, guys.


4 Responses to “Bloody Awful”

  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    If I were you, I’d write a short, pointed letter to BA Customer Service stating the facts of the case and asking if they can suggest any reason why you shouldn’t recommend to your friends, family, colleagues, and Sun’s travel department that they should avoid BA in the future. It would be interesting to see how they replied…..

  2. Geoff Arnold Says:

    By the way, did all the flights leave at least 2 hours late? I’m pretty sure that in all the (dozens of) times I’ve flown transatlantic, I’ve never been delayed more than 20 minutes en route except for air traffic restrictions. (I’ve often been on flights that were forced to hold before landing at Heathrow, usually because of early-morning fog.)

  3. Josh Simons Says:

    I will write a letter. Good suggestion.

    Every flight left two hours late.

  4. Capricorn Horoscope · Says:

    you can always say that british airways is the best airline on the travel industry ,,”

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