Sun Global Technology Leadership Conference (GTLC)

Every year, Sun holds an internal technology conference for its senior technical staff. The Technology Leadership Conference is an event for Fellows, Distinguished Engineers (DEs), and a selected group of senior engineers from all of Sun’s divisions. The conference is usually two days and focuses on technology issues important to Sun and its future.

This year, in recognition of the importance of Sun’s global engineering community, the conference was for the first time held outside the US. Actually, this is the first time it has ever been held outside of California as well. The conference was held in Bangalore, location of Sun’s largest engineering office in India. About a dozen Distinguished Engineers and Technical Directors (TDs) travelled from other Sun sites to attend along with about 150 of the Indian senior technical staff.

The conference was divided into two parts. The first day was organized around talks from a variety of Sun customers in India. Talks were chosen to align with Sun’s targeted growth areas and each talk was followed by a panel discussion with the speaker and several of the visiting DEs and TDs.

The second day was for employees and it gave us a chance to get into some excellent discussions on some of the major internal technical vectors that Sun believes are going to be critical for the future of the industry and Sun’s success. The 2nd day opened with a video presentation from our CTO, Greg Papadopoulos, that outlined Sun’s view of the technology landscape and the challenges and opportunities ahead for us as an engineering organization. I teamed with David Greenhill, Niagara Chief Engineer, to do a presentation on horizontal scaling. The presentation was followed by a very active panel and discussion session.

After the technology presentations, attendees split into breakout sessions to discuss each of the technology areas and then each team reported out its conclusions, which will be summarized and shared with Sun’s senior technical staff.

The conference was a great success. I was very impressed by the local staff’s enthusiasm and eagerness to engage actively in the event. It was clear from the numerous interactions I had that the senior technical staff in India are a motivated and very clueful team.

I’ve been on past TLC program and organizing committees and know how much work is involved. Congratulations to Srinivas and his team for holding a stimulating and valuable technology conference!


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