Systems Group Leadership Summit

John Fowler, Systems Group EVP, has gathered his VPs and Directors; Fellows and DEs; and his corporate business partners for a two-day, in-person meeting in Santa Clara. This is the first Systems Group Leadership Summit.

[john fowler]
John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Systems Group

Yesterday, John reviewed FY06 accomplishments, presented a business update, and covered his strategy going forward for Systems. In addition, we had two excellent invited talks.

The first was given by Dan Miller, Senior Vice President of Sun’s Global Systems Practice. He gave a very good overview/update of GSS (Global Sales and Service) with an emphasis on the Systems Practice, the sales arm most closely associated with the Systems Group. The two organizations work together to ensure we deliver products and solutions of value to Sun’s systems customers.

Anil Gadre, Sun’s Chief Marketing Officer, gave an engaging and interesting talk on Sun’s marketing strategy, including updates on how we did last year in terms of market perception, messaging, exposure, etc. For any Sun employees who get a chance to hear Anil speak, I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.

Today’s agenda includes leadership topics followed by presentations by Mike Lehman, Greg Papadopoulos, and Jonathan Schwartz.


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