Danvers Chemical Explosion

The explosion early this morning in Danvers was at a chemical plant owned by CAI that makes inks, not a propane facility as was initially reported on the national news. Thankfully, there have been only injuries reported and no deaths despite the fact that over 30 buildings were destroyed or damaged.

A woman called into one of the local news shows to describe her experiences. She was in Salem, an adjacent town, babysitting her nephews. She said she was awoken just before 3am by the biggest noise she’d ever heard. Her bed was shaking and she thought initially it was an earthquake. She said she was very frightened and couldn’t get through to the police to find out what had happened. Outside she and a neighbor saw a large, mushroom-shaped cloud of very black smoke rising into the air. She said she wondered if they had been bombed. They got in the car (she didn’t mention whether she had the nephews with her or not)…and then the story went in a direction I wasn’t expecting at all.

The next thing I hear is that she got to the site so quickly that she was able to get a really good view of what was going on. WHAT? Hello? You are woken up by an enormous explosion, you see a mushroom cloud of smoke shooting into the air, you are responsible for watching over several children—AND YOU DRIVE TO GROUND ZERO?


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