Paper, Plastic…or Corn?

Okay, so maybe everyone in California knows about BioBags, but I’m from Boston where we tend to be considerably less enlightened about green alternatives. But how cool is this? Bags made of a biodegradeable and compostable corn-based bio-polymer called Mater-Bi.

In addition to shopping bags, BioBag offers kitchen bags, lawn & leaf bags, and several other related products.


2 Responses to “Paper, Plastic…or Corn?”

  1. Kai Carver Says:


    May I?…

    Paris is banning plastic bags.

    This annoys me. I find them very convenient, and I use them as trash bags (ooh recycling…). The sturdier bags they sell are too big for my needs.

    The other day I saw this poor guy stumbling around with products falling out of his arms because the supermarket no longer provides plastic bags.

    At another supermarket, the cash register girl said she’s started using the plastic bags still used for fruits and vegetables as trash bags, but they’re really quite small and flimsy.

    From the above-linked story:

    It’s true that plastic bags are not good for the environment, Orru says, but they’re not the most polluting substance around. Just as important is that French people become aware they’re living in a throwaway society.

    Thank you so much for enlightening me, Mr. Orru.

    PS: While I’m ranting: why do I have to fill out a captcha before every preview? I’m sure it’s good for the environment too grmblmgrmbl

    PPS: If there’s any point to banning plastic bags, then I guess I should be angry, not at the law, but at idiots who don’t properly dispose of their trash. But I have my doubts:

    Experts say these disposable bags account for 8,000 tons of waste generated in Paris each year, at a cost of more than $2 million. And burning plastic bags to dispose of them poses a health hazard.

    That sounds like BS. But I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

  2. Josh Simons Says:

    Wow, now THAT hit a nerve, didn’t it?
    Maybe you should lobby for your local store to adopt biobags as an alternative. They look like plastic and act like it, too, in that they seem as strong as plastic.

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