Data Ships and Floating Datacenters

Back in October of 2006 when we announced Project Blackbox, I joked about the advent of what I called Suezmax Datacenters — ships loaded with Blackbox containers offering incredible amounts of compute and storage capacity.

How forward-looking of me. 🙂 The buzz now is all about floating datacenters or data ships. Companies are buying cheap old ships that will be docked and connected to shore power and data. These ships will offer acres of floor space for massive amounts of compute and data and will use sea water as an integral part of their cooling systems. The first such ship is apparently going to be deployed in San Francisco at Pier 50.

I haven’t heard any talk of Blackbox as part of these deployments, but if containers revolutionized the shipping industry, perhaps they are also a good fit for quickly moving customized chunks of compute and data in and out of these floating datacenters. Time will tell…


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