SAM-QFS Open Sourced: Delivering on the Promise of Open Storage

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We call them Sun StorageTek QFS and Sun StorageTek SAM these days, but long-time HPC people will remember them simply as QFS and SAM (or collectively as SAM-QFS), the very well-respected file system and archive management software created by LSC, Inc and acquired by Sun back in 2001. These products are very well-known and widely-used in certain segments of the HPC market, particularly those with high-performance SAN requirements and with a need for kick-butt streaming IO performance. More recently, these products have had some huge successes in non-HPC areas, demonstrating that they not only scale and offer high performance, but that they have enterprise-class stability as well.

The big news is that we’ve open sourced SAM-QFS. The latest development bits are now available for download on, modulo a few pieces owned by 3rd parties which we either need to rewrite or will release if permission is obtained. Ted Pogue has done a nice writeup about all of this, including pointers to the discussion forums for the SAM/QFS OpenSolaris project.

Take a look at Sun’s 2001 press release about the LSC acquisition (but do NOT click on the link–it has been reaped by spammers.) We were talking about Open Storage, even in 2001. As Bob Porras points out, we have now created an entire open source storage stack with this release. How cool is that?


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