Twenty Grains of Rice

You can improve your vocabulary and help feed the hungry at the same time by choosing the correct definitions of a series of vocabulary words. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice will be donated to the UN World Food Program. The non-profit FreeRice is funded by discreet advertising banners provided by companies interested in promoting education and helping to alleviate hunger in the world.

Lest you scoff at the impact of a mere 20 grains of rice, the site has so far donated over 23.5 BILLION grains of rice. According to Wiki Answers, there are about 29,000 grains in a pound, so Free Rice has donated over 400 tons of rice to date. How cool is that?

I’ve donated about 8300 grains of rice so far. I occasionally reach vocabulary level 49 (max 55), but generally hover a few points lower. It’s a fun site, even more so knowing that you are helping people by using it.

Sun, let’s build a pyramid of rice! Start here.


5 Responses to “Twenty Grains of Rice”

  1. Kai Says:

    Very nice. I’d seen it before, but since you gave your score, that gave me an incentive to try to beat it 🙂 My peaks were 51 one time, and 52 the second time, otherwise I seemed to fluctuate between 46 and 49. I find French helps a lot. I wish I knew Latin and Greek. Also sometimes you can second-guess the choices. All in all it’s surprisingly fun and educational.
    It reminded me of this site, which estimates how many Chinese characters you know:
    I think I was at 284 last time I tried. Pretty humiliating, given how much I’ve tried studying the damn characters over the last 25 years…

  2. Kai Says:

    Oh yeah I was on a good run and then I got "omphalos".
    I guessed it was a temple.
    Wrong! It’s… a navel.

  3. Josh Simons Says:

    I knew I would entice at least some people if I posted a score. 🙂
    I can count the number of Chinese characters I remember on one hand at this point. 😦

  4. prefabrike Says:

    thank you

  5. Kai Carver Says:

    Josh I don’t believe you. I bet you can read more than 5 of these:
    好 我 大 小 十 中 馬 美 國 日
    (despite the tiny 10×10 font).
    Actually, the Chinese count to 10 on the fingers of one hand…
    Oh, maybe you count in binary? So you’d know up to 31 Chinese characters.
    Here’s a quick review for ya:
    I still hope some day to need the help of a toe or two to count the Chinese characters I know 🙂

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