OpenSolaris binary distro now available

Today Sun announced the availability of our first OpenSolaris binary distro, OpenSolaris 2008.05, which is built from the OpenSolaris Project‘s open-source code base. You can download the LiveCD bits and read more at With LiveCD you can boot the distro without writing anything to disk and decide later whether you want to install it or not.

I’ve filed this under my HPC category. Why? Because future versions of this distro will form the substrate on which we intend to build a full HPC distro that will include both the OS and layered products and will address both application development and deployment. Components will include compilers, MPI library, developer tools, distributed resource management, as well as provisioning, management, and monitoring capabilities.

The definition and creation of this HPC distro will be run as an OpenSolaris project, which we will be starting in earnest soon. We invite any interested party to join the HPC Developer Community to get involved.


3 Responses to “OpenSolaris binary distro now available”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OpenSolaris 2008.05 for x86-64-bit and SPARC, or only for x86 ?

  2. Josh Simons Says:

    x86-64 for this first release. SPARC is coming.

  3. Zenny Says:

    Downloaded and but couldn’t boot in my HP Pavilion zv6100 laptop (hangs after a few dots …).
    Tried to run in a desktop with 2GB RAM and P4 Processor, but the CD kept on spinning all time for eons just to open FireFox.
    The release is yet functional to do anything, imho. Can’t Sun guys take some lessons from grafpup (puppy linux) or zenwalk for ease and speed? Just wondering.
    I tried to post this comment to the official site, but the forum does not allow to login after registration. First time registrants are redirected to a page what has nothing to do with opensolaris as a distro.
    Seems like it is all a mess, could be just to me! But I found several with similar problems to as I stated above at IRC #opensolaris
    Anyone listening?!

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