A Good Week for Operating Systems

I’ve had a good desktop OS week.

First, I installed the first official release of OpenSolaris on my Apple MacBook Pro, which went flawlessly. It was better than the earlier release candidates and, for those only familiar with Solaris 10 installations, it is an entirely better, more modern and more enjoyable experience.

If you aren’t sure you will use OpenSolaris, but are curious about it, then download the LiveCD image and play with OpenSolaris in memory with no commitment to write it to your local disk. Get the OpenSolaris 2008.05 LiveCD image here.

I opted to use OpenSolaris within VirtualBox on my Mac rather than create a separate Bootcamp partition for it. In the past, I’ve used both VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop for my virtualized OS instances, but I’ve switched to VirtualBox. Partly because Sun now owns the technology, but also because it is free. I’m running V1.6 and have had no problems using it with OpenSolaris. Get VirtualBox here.

This was also the week that Apple finally released 10.5.3, a much-needed Leopard update that fixes lots of bugs. In my case I’ve been able to re-enable turn power management and allow my MBP to sleep again–it now seems to be working properly. Even better, closed-lid mode works again and I am typing this entry using my laptop with an external USB keyboard and the Sun 24″ LCD monitor in my office. Apple’s Vista versus Leopard TV advertisements are now funny again.

I have indeed had a good desktop OS week.


One Response to “A Good Week for Operating Systems”

  1. Dan Lacher Says:

    Well matched set, I have been running the same setup as well. I am trying to hack the resolution higher for my VM though, I would like have more desktop resolution for OpenSolaris.
    I have to say that the ips is very nice for adding software packages that one needs… the first ones I ran were "pkg install clustertools sunstudio openoffice"

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