Sun Announces Hercules at ISC 2008 in Dresden

Last night in Dresden at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC 2008), Sun unveiled Hercules, our newest Sun Constellation System blade module. Officially named the Sun Blade X6450 Server Module, Hercules is a four-socket, quad-core blade with Xeon 7000 series processors (Tigerton) that fits into the Sun Blade 6048 Chassis, the computational heart of Sun’s Constellation System architecture for HPC. According to Lisa Robinson Schoeller, Blade Product Line Manager, the most notable features of Hercules are its 50% increase in DIMM slots per socket (six instead of the usual four), the achievable compute density at the chassis level (71% increase over IBM and 50% increase over HP), and the fact that Hercules is diskless (though it does also support a 16 GB on-board CF card that could be used for local booting.) A single Constellation chassis full of these puppies delivers over 7 TeraFLOPs of peak floating-point performance.

Lisa Schoeller and Bjorn Andersson, Director for HPC, showing off Hercules, Sun’s latest Intel-based Constellation blade system


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