Sun Announces NanoMagnum at ISC 2008 in Dresden

Last night in Dresden at ISC 2008 Sun announced NanoMagnum, the latest addition to the Sun Constellation System architecture. Nano, more properly called the Sun Datacenter Switch 3×24, is the world’s densest DDR InfiniBand core switch, with three 24-port IB switches encased within a 1 rack-unit form factor. Nano complements its big brother Magnum, the 3456-port InfiniBand switch used at TACC and elsewhere, and allows the Constellation architecture to scale down by supporting smaller clusters of C48 (Sun Blade 6048) chassis. Nano also uses the same ultra-dense cabling developed for the rest of the Constellation family components, with three 4X DDR connections carried in one 12X cable for reduced cabling complexity.

Here are some photos I took of the unveiling on the show floor at ISC.



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    Bjorn Andersson, Director of HPC, and Marc Hamilton, VP System Practices Americas, prepare to unveil NanoMagnum at ISC 2008</td
    Ta da. The Sun Datacenter Switch 3×24, sitting in front of a Sun Blade 6048 chassis and on top of a scale model of TACC Ranger, the world’s largest Sun Constellation system</td
    A closeup of the new switch</td
    Bjorn uncorks a magnum of champagne to celebrate</td
    Lisa Robinson Schoeller (Blade Product Line Manager) and Bjorn prepare to spread good cheer</td
    The official toast</td