Solaris InfiniBand: A Big Day!

Yesterday, the Sun InfiniBand engineering team released Solaris 10 driver support for ConnectX (a.k.a. Hermon), the latest generation of InfiniBand silicon from Mellanox. This is important news for both Solaris HPC customers as well as those enterprise customers interested in the best bandwidth and latencies available for applications like Oracle RAC. Congratulations to the team!

In addition to the driver, the update also includes a new flash updating tool for ConnectX, a uDAPL update, and several additional components, all of which is described in the documentation.

The specific ConnectX-related Sun part numbers supported by this release are: X4217A-Z HCA card, X4216A-Z EM, and X5196A-Z, the 24 Port NEM for the SunBlade 6048 family of servers. It also supports third-party cards based on the following Mellanox chips: MT25408, MT25418, and MT25428.

The release, called “Solaris InfiniBand Updates 2” is available for free download here.


5 Responses to “Solaris InfiniBand: A Big Day!”

  1. Matt Rumitz Says:

    Good news so far.
    But afaik -except for OpenSolaris- there is no RDMA support in the stack, right? It would be nice to learn that I am wrong, though. 🙂

  2. josh simons Says:

    actually this update release is for solaris 10

  3. Matt Rumitz Says:

    Yes, that is kind of my question:
    OpenSolaris already has RDMA support in the stack.
    This new Solaris10 release still does not, right?

  4. Josh Simons Says:

    Hi, Matt. Not sure what you are asking. IB protocols include RDMA, so yes, there is RDMA support on Solaris 10 and has been for some time. This new release supports Mellanox’s latest hardware, but we have had earlier InfiniBand support on Solaris that includes RDMA support. Consider, for example, our MPI library (part of HPC ClusterTools)…it uses RDMA via uDAPL interfaces for high performance.
    I get the sense I am not answering your question so what specifically do you mean when you say opensolaris has rdma support and why do you think solaris 10 does not?

  5. Ross Smith Says:

    Is there any way to get this working with OpenSolaris? I’ve just tried to run the installer for SUNW-IBupdates2 on snv_94 only to get an error:
    "Fatal error: Your system needs to be Release 5.10"

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