Redmond: Still Banging Rocks Together

I never published the following blog entry, which I wrote in October 2007, prior to Apple’s release of Leopard, the latest version of Mac OS X.

I find the fanboy enthusiasm a little embarrassing now given how much pain and suffering Leopard inflicted on me and many others up until recently when the 10.5.4 (FOUR!) release finally seems to have fixed things. It took Apple eight months to fix what they broke! Shame on them, but at least they fixed it. Fanboy exuberance aside, the main point of the original blog entry is still valid so I decided to publish it.

The original entry…

Last night I watched Apple’s Leopard preview video, which highlights a few of the major new features which will be included in their upcoming operating system release.

This morning I read some advice for Windows users in PC Magazine and was struck by the contrast. A reader had asked how to read the information on the blue screen of death before his machine rebooted. As Loyd Case noted, “it is strange that a screen meant to convey critical system error messages should disappear before the average human could possibly read it, much less copy down the often huge amounts of information on it.”

Never fear: As Neil Rubenking explains in the same article, “you can keep that blue screen visible. Right-click My Computer, Choose Properties. Click to select the Advanced tab (or the Advanced system properties link in Vista). Click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery pane. Uncheck Automatically restart, Click OK | OK. Now the blue-screen information will remain visible on your screen until you force a reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Del.”

They really are still banging rocks together up in Redmond, still hoping someday they’ll figure out how to make fire. Meanwhile, Apple is kicking butt and delivering an absolutely unparalleled and increasingly jaw-dropping user experience to its customers.


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