LISA ’08: What Every Admin Needs to Know About Solaris

Admins, fasten your seatbelts: The 22nd Large Installation System Administration (LISA ’08) Conference promises to be as jammed with useful and interesting technical content as ever and at least as much fun. Come to San Diego from Nov 9-14 to find out!

For those of you looking to dig deeper into Solaris or for those looking to understand what the fuss is all about, there is a ton of Solaris and OpenSolaris related content scheduled at LISA thanks to a lot of hard work by people both inside and outside of Sun. Here are some of the highlights.

Jim Mauro is doing a full-day POD training session. That’s Performance, Observability, and Debugging. If you only make it to one Solaris session, pick this one. Jim is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker and the material is excellent. I enjoyed Jim’s presentation of a much compressed version of this at a recent NEOSUG meeting–it was excellent. You will definitely emerge 1) exhausted, and 2) with a much better understanding of how to use a variety of Solaris tools to solve performance problems and to better understand your systems’ workloads. Jim will lead you on a foray into the depths of the various Solaris tools that let you look at all aspects of system performance, including DTrace. Whether you are a seasoned UNIX admin, but new to Solaris, or just wondering what all the DTrace fuss is about, you will find this taste-o-DTrace pretty exciting. And if you really want to know a lot more about DTrace, Jim is also doing an all-day DTrace training session at the conference.

Peter Galvin, long-time Solaris expert and trainer and also chair of <a href="NEOSUG, and Marc Staveley will be giving a two-day Solaris workshop that has been broken into four half-days sessions. The sessions are Administration, Virtualization, File Systems, and Security. These are all hands-on sessions so Peter and Marc recommend you bring a laptop. Solaris installation not required–the instructors will supply a Solaris machine for remote access.

For something higher level and more strategic, Jim Hughes (Chief Technologist for Solaris) will give an invited talk on OpenSolaris and the Direction of Future Operating Systems. And Janice Gelb will also deliver an invited talk provocatively titled, WTFM: Documentation and the System Administrator.

There will be two Solaris-focused Guru sessions at LISA as well. Scott Davenport and Louis Tsien will cover Solaris Fault Management, while Richard Elling will speak about ZFS. These both promise to be interesting sessions with technical people who really know their stuff.

Solaris Containers are an innovative virtualization technology that is built right into Solaris and Jeff Victor will be leading a full-day workshop to take attendees on a detailed tour of this capability. Check out Resource Management with Solaris Containers.

There will also be a full-day deep dive workshop on ZFS offered by Richard Elling. Many people have heard about this new file system, but you won’t really understand exactly why it is getting so much attention until you experience how it changes the administrative experience around file systems.

Sun will also be hosting a vendor BOF to talk about BigAdmin, the mega-hub for metrics tons of useful and very detailed information for administrators. If you aren’t familiar with BigAdmin, check out the BOF or at the very least pop over to the website for a peek. Cool stuff.

Sun will also have a booth in the exhibit area. Booth 52, I believe. Stop by for some good conversation and maybe some giveaways.


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