A Customer View of the Sun Blade 6000 System

Prof. James Leylek – Executive Director, CU-CCMS at Clemson spoke today at the HPC Consortium Meeting in Austin about his experiences with the installation and acceptance of their new Sun Sun Blade 6000 system. CU-CCMS installed 31 SunBlade 6000 chassis with 10 blades per chassis each with two Intel quad-core CPUs for a total of 3440 cores, connected with DDR InfiniBand. The entire cluster has 14 TB RAM and delivers about 34.4 TFLOPs peak performance. After deciding on the system, the next major task was to specify an acceptance test for the cluster.

Initially, CU-CCMS decided that an uninterrupted 72-hour LINPACK run would be an appropriate full-system acceptance test. External advisors, however, suggested that such a long run on a system of this size would be infeasible. As it turns out, the full-scale LINPACK ran to 48 hours without any problems. And then to 72 hours. And then to 130 hours.

The entire project was completed in two weeks and two days with two local resources assigned to the acceptance process. End result? A very happy HPC customer. We like that.


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