Gregg TeHennepe: Musician, Blogger, Senior Manager and Research Liaison — Customer!

When the band at this evening’s HPC Consortium dinner event invited guests to join them on stage to do some singing, I didn’t think anything of it…until some time later when I heard a new voice and turned to see someone up there who sounded good and looked like he was having a good time. He was wearing a conference badge, but I couldn’t see whether he was a customer or Sun employee.

Since I was taking photos, it was easy to snap a shot and then zoom in on his badge to see who it was. Imagine my surprise as the name came into focus and I saw that it was Gregg TeHennepe, one of our customers from the Jackson Laboratory where he is a senior manager and research liaison. I was surprised because I hadn’t realized it was Gregg in spite of the fact that I had eaten breakfast with him this morning and talked with him several times during the day about the fact that he intends to blog the HPC Consortium meeting, which so far as I know marks the first time a customer has blogged this event.

My surprise continued, however. When I googled Gregg just now to remind myself of the name of his blog, I found he is a member of Blue Northern, a five-piece band from Maine that traditional, original, and contemporary acoustic music. So, yeah. I guess he does sound good. 🙂

Gregg’s blog is Mental Burdocks. I’ll save you the trip to the dictionary and tell you that a burdock is one of those plants with hook-bearing flowers that get stuck on animal coats (and other kinds of coats) for seed dispersal.


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