Performance Facts, Performance Wisdom

I was genuinely excited to see that members of Sun’s Strategic Applications Engineering team have started a group blog about performance called BestPerf. These folks are the real deal — they are responsible for generating all of the official benchmark results published by Sun — and they collectively have a deep background in all things related to performance. I like the blog because while they do cover specific benchmark results in detail, they also share best practices and include broader discussions about achieving high performance as well. There is a lot of useful material for anyone seeking a better understanding of performance. </p

Here are some recent entries that caught my eye.

Find out how a Sun Constellation system running SLES 10 beat IBM BlueGene/L on a NAMD Molecular Dynamics benchmark here.

See how the Solaris DTrace facility can be used to perform detailed IO analyses here.

Detailed Fluent cluster benchmark results using the Sun Fire x2270 and SLES 10? Go here.

How to use Solaris containers, processor sets, and scheduling classes to improve application performance? Go here.


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