Skitch: Indispensable Blogging Tool

Skitch is a free, Mac-based utility that I use all the time when writing blog entries because it makes preparing images for my blog so simple. Specifically, this what I do with Skitch:

I use Skitch for screen captures. Preview’s “grab” function is pretty good, but Skitch makes this much easier. When I select “Capture –> Crosshair” the Skitch window helpfully disappears from the desktop, exposing everything underneath. No more fiddling with window positions to ensure no current Preview windows are in the way of what you are trying to capture.

With Skitch I can resize an image by dragging. Or crop it by dragging. I especially like that the expected size of the image (KB or MB) is always displayed, which is really useful for ensuring that I don’t embed overly large images in my blog entries. The size will change depending on what output format is selected (e.g. jpg, gif, png, tif, svg, bmp, etc.)

I can also annotate images with Skitch by drawing or writing on them. I use this frequently in my blog. Some examples are here and here.

Skitch is also a web service, though I don’t use that capability. And the Skitch application as many more functions than I’ve described here. It really is worth a look — for me it has become an indispensable tool.


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