Uh, Do You Offer Express Shipping?

On November 3rd, I received an email congratulations about my upcoming 20th anniversary with Sun (for those keeping score at home, the 20 includes some credit for time at Thinking Machines prior to our arrival at Sun) and an invitation to select a commemorative gift of my choice. My immediate thought was that I should place the order immediately, given all the current craziness and future uncertainties. My recognition award arrived via FedEx yesterday. Parrot not included.

(Wondering what’s in the box?)


2 Responses to “Uh, Do You Offer Express Shipping?”

  1. Eric Sharakan Says:

    Geez, my Sun 20th anniversary (with similar credit from Thinking Machines) commemorative gift didn’t come all nicely gift-wrapped.
    The parrot is a nice touch too.

  2. Bruce Hill Says:

    Could it possibly have been the contents from the mysterious case in "Ronin"? Great movie if you haven’t seen it.

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