On to a New Adventure!

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Today is my last day working at Sun Microsystems. Having declined my Oracle job offer, I am very excited to be moving to VMware to lead a new HPC effort, reporting to VMware’s CTO, Steve Herrod. I’ll be working internally across VMware to promote HPC technical requirements, and externally with customers and others in the HPC community to explain why virtualization is going to be the next big trend in HPC. I’ve covered some of this previously (here, here, here, and here) but there is much more to say, so stay tuned.

While I am going to miss my many friends and colleagues of thirteen or more years, I am totally psyched to be joining VMware!


11 Responses to “On to a New Adventure!”

  1. Geoff Arnold Says:

    Congratulations. Are you staying in Massachusetts, or moving to the Bay Area? Either way, you’ll be out west a fair amount of the time, so stay in touch.

    Geoff (in Palo Alto)

    • Josh Says:

      Sorry for the delay — I finished at Sun on a Friday and jumped on a plane Saturday morning to tour some of the California deserts for a week. Very relaxing.

      I’ll be staying in Massachusetts — VMware has a nice office in Kendall Square in the same building as Google and Legal Seafood.

      I will certainly be out there frequently and with you living in Palo Alto now, I will definitely be in touch.


  2. Kai Carver Says:

    Congratulations and good luck! I subscribed to your new blog.

  3. Bill Bryce Says:

    Hi Josh,

    Glad to see that you are heading to VMWare. I love that you are going to be working on Virtual HPC…you are correct, it is time for the HPC community to embrace HPC+Virtualization.

    Keep in touch. Here at Univa our team is still busy working on HPC (Technical Computing) + Virtualization if you ever want to try out ‘UniCloud’ (i.e create a technical compute cloud – private, hybrid and public) just send me an email.


    Bill Bryce.

    • joshsimons Says:

      Bill, I start at VMware on the 22nd of March. Let’s talk after that — I would like to see the demo.


  4. Adin Scannell Says:

    Wow, it’s great to hear that VMWare is going to be pushing into HPC. Good luck fighting the good fight!

  5. Tim Smith Says:

    Good to see you’ve made a soft landing, Josh! I don’t see anything but good in VMware’s moving into the HPC space.

  6. Jim Gutowski Says:

    Hi Josh,

    Just checked into the Navel and saw the news. Congratulations and best wishes for your new adventure. I’ve been intrigued by your efforts around virtualization for HPC for a long time now, some of which we discussed while both at Sun. You should be in a good position to have some impact on this now. I’ll be watching; I think you know I landed in HPC at Dell. Hopefully our paths will cross again sooner than later.

    Jim G

    • joshsimons Says:

      Jim, I hope they do cross again. Your departure from Sun was a big loss. Good luck at Dell!


  7. Josh Says:

    Thanks, Kai.

    And now I just need to post something! Time off from everything has been nice…


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